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Self-Development Made Easy

When you’ve got all plates spinning – work, home, relationships, life – finding clarity on where you want to be and how to get there can be tough.

Now there’s Zelfio, the app that guides you through the essential and most impactful self-development techniques, so you can realise the positive changes you need.


Life-changing know-how

Curated insights

Benefit from the best self-development tools and techniques from across time, curated by our coaching experts so you don’t have to.

Multiple plans

Grow your knowledge from a wide selection of plans that offer rigorous know-how on overcoming habits, obstacles, and self-limiting beliefs.

Always on

Access Zelfio coaching plans and review your progress whenever, wherever you want to. Simply tap into the app and pick up exactly where you left off last time.


True personal growth

Whether you feel good about your life and know where you’re heading, or less clear about where your life’s taking you, Zelfio’s self-development coaching will help you examine your path and progress, and to make headway.

How it works

Personalised and private

Step 1

Say hello

No lengthy questionnaire to complete before you get started. Simply say hello and select the area of your life you’d like to work on and your self-development coaching will begin.

Step 2

Learn and reflect

Each day Zelfio will help you learn more about yourself and how your brain works, and give you simple daily tasks to help you strengthen your understanding and approach to challenges.

Step 3


As you progress, Zelfio learns and evolves with you, taking in the insights you’ve shared to provide increasingly personalised coaching and support.

Coaching for everyone

Holistic and motivational

5 Life Levers

You choose where you want to focus: Career, Family, Relationships, Health, or your Mental Wellbeing. But if you’re not sure when you begin, that’s ok too.

3 Clear Phases

Every step of every plan takes you through three carefully considered phases – Awareness to Acceptance and then to Action – so real progress is made.

1 a day

Zelfio is designed to give you a short session of learning time, followed by time to think and reflect, every 24 hours. This daily coaching approach helps you to stay tuned in and maintain momentum.

Take Control.

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